Paper city

Make a colorful two dimensional city scape, maybe a theatrical scenery. Before you start drawing and cutting papers, think the type of city that you would like to recreate.
 paper, art, crafts, kids, building, city, paper city, children

Materials & tools
  • Heavy colored paper
  • Scissors
  • Pencil

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Play-dough woman in blue

Modeling clay is ideal for creating 3d characters, men, women, kids, comic heroes and much more. Lets make the figure of a lady. Working with clay is really enjoying, relaxing and a wonderful medium to understand the world. As the kid progresses from simple models to more complex project he will become hooked.
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Non-baked Modeling Clay Rose

Modeling clay, such as play doh or dough, is a versatile, cheap material suitable for endless experimentations. See how you can make a romantic rose with plasticine.
modeling clay, rose, play doh, play dough, flower, clay, polymer clay, kids crafts, crafts

Pixel Art Style Painting (graph paper art)

Pixel art is a form of digital painting where pictures are constructed out of small colored square units. In this activity you can create pixel art style graphics and images using graph papers.
First you need to print a graph paper. You can search for a graph paper either in the web or you can print the following graph paper. In printer settings, choose to fit the grid in an A4 paper.
graph paper, art, kids activties, painting, grid

3D free-standing, modular structures with clothespins

Create free standing sculptures composed of wood clothes pins. The goal of this activity is the kids to understand the concept of modular constructions and to experiment with an interesting technique of grasping and joining things together: When the two prongs of clothes pins are pinched at the top, the prongs open up. When released the spring draws the two prongs shut, gripping anything in between. In general, 3d crafts activities are an excellent opportunity to experiment with balance and three dimensional space.
clothespins, crafts, kids, 3d art, free standing form, modular, architecture, kids crafts, wood,

Combine folding and zentanlge drawing

Combine folding and zentagle methods to create a beautiful, structured drawing. Zentangle is a technique which allow you to create impressive patterns by simply following and repeating the same motif. In this art activity we added some folds to create random straight lines.
folding, zentangle, drawing, doodle

Crumpled paper doodle art

Kids love to work with their hands. But most of all they love to do all those things that normally are not allowed to do, such as to crinkle pieces of paper. Surprisingly, the following activity is suitable for both kids and adults. Especially if your are a stressed adult you might find the activity extremely relaxing. The result will be quite unexpected. You can either add color or simple work with a black pencil.
art, crumbled, paper, kids, crafts, painting, abstract, doodle