Colorful domed buindings

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Make fairy houses with colorful domes. This craft is inspired by hundertwasser's dome houses, either builded or simply painted. Kids are encouraged to study Hundertwasser's work, paintings and architecture, which is truly inspiring.    

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 hundertwasser kindergarten. Image source: Wikipedia

Tools and materials: 

  • One or more toilet paper rolls. For each building you need one paper roll.
  • Liquid glue, suitable for kids
  • Scissors
  • Stapler
  • Colored paper


1. Pick two papers of different colors and cut 10-14 paper strips. The length of each strip to be around the length or your palm. 

 2. With the stapler, staple one strip on the top edge of the paper roll.

3. Staple one more strip next to the previous strip.
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4. Staple more strips around the top edge, one next to the other, covering the entire edge with strips.
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5. Pick two opposite strips and join them togetherm by stapling their ends.
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6. Apply some glue on the top edge of the dome and glue the adjacent strip.
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7. Apply more glue on the top of the dome, and glue one more strip at the top edge of the dome.

8. Glue about the half of the strips.

9. Turn the building around and glue the rest of the strips at the top of the dome.

10. The dome is ready.

11. At the top of the dome, you can glue a small circle. Can you think of other shapes you could place at the top of the dome?

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