3D art / Star inside a circle

This craft is ideal for those kids who want to experiment with geometry and modern sculpture. The project is inspired by the work of Georgios Zongolopoulos a Greek contemporary sculptor. Modern sculpture is a wonderful source of inspiration for kids' crafts projects.
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Giorgos Zoggolopoulos, Cycle-rays 1981 /  Height 0,33m 
material: stainless steel / photo Elias Georgouleas. 
Materials and tools:

  • A toilet paper roll.
  • Knitting yarn or rope or cotton thread. 
  • A pencil.
  • Scissors.

1. With a pencil draw two parallel lines around the roll near the middle of the cylinder.
toiler paper roll, pencil

2. With scissors make a deep slit from the edge of the roll to the line.
slit, scissirs, cut with scissors,

3. Make in total 6 to 8 deep slits around the edge of the roll.

4. Make the same number of slits on the other edge of the roll.
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5. Pull the petals outwards, one by one.

6. Open all the petals.

7. Open the petals from both sides. The objects should look like a wheel.
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8. Hold the start of a knitting yarh ball between two slits.

9. Begin to wrap the yarn around the wheel. Pass the yarn underneath through the opposite slit.

10. Pass the yarn up through the opposite slit.

11. Continue wrapping the yarn around the wheel, through opposite slits.
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12. Gradually the star will start to take shape. The star is finished when the yarn comes again to the starting point.

13. Cut the yarn from the ball. Tie the two ends together with a knot.

14. The 3d object is ready.
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