Cardboard roll blacelets

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This project is about making bracelets from cardboard tubes. The bracelets can be decorated in several ways to match your style. This project is ideal for those kids that love fashion accessories.

Materials and tools:

  • A toilet paper roll. From a sinlge tube, you can make two to three bracelets. 
  • A piece of knitting yarn, thread or rope.
  • Hole punch.
  • Scissors.
  • Glue.
  • Colored papers, glitter, color markers, gemstones, fabrics etc to decorate the bracelets.
1. Pick a toilet paper roll with a rather sturdy cardboard. Probably, the towel paper tubes are more sturdy. Cut the tube into smaller rings. From each roll you can make three rings.

2. With scissors snip the ring, so it looks like a C.

3. With hole puncher, make two holes in each end. 

4. Cut a piece of knitting yarn, and pass it through the paper roll holes.

5. Wear the bracelet to see if it fits around your hand. 
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6. You can decorate the bracelet in many ways. For example, you can cut a paper flower and glue it on the bracelet. 

7. The bracelet is ready and you can wear it. 
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Experiment: make a watch
Cut a paper circle out of colored paper and draw the numbers, from 1 to 12, around the clock. Draw the handles or cut pieces of paper in the shape of handles and glue them. Glue the circle into the bracelet. 
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Experiment with the outline of the blacelet. 
With scissors cut the long edges of the cardboard like waves. You can then decorate the blacelet with glitter or gems.

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Experiment with several materials. 
An alternative way to decorate the bracelet is by wrapping it with knitiing yarn or fabric. 

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