Toilet roll tube pendant

This wearable snowflake pendant is an ideal project for kids that love fashion.
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Materials and tools:
  • At least one paper roll tube.
  • Glue.
  • Scissors.
  • A piece of knitting yarn or a ribbon. 
1. Press the tube with your hand to make it flat. 
flat paper tube, flat toilet paper roll

2. With scissors cut the tube into parts, about 1cm width each. 

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3. From each tube, you can make 7 to 10 rings. 
toilet paper tube

4. Pick only 4 rings. 

5. Apply glue on both sides in the middle of the ring. 

6. Slide the glued ring inside a second ring. The two rings should shape a cross. Press the rings slightly to stick them together. 

7. Wait until the glue dries. 

8. Apply more glue, on top and bottom sides, in the center of the pendant. 

9. Slide the glued rings inside a third ring. 

10. Wait until the glue dries. 

11. Apply more glue on top and bottom of the pendant.

12. Slide the rings inside a fourth ring. 

13. Wait until it dries.
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14. Pass a piece of knitting yarn through one of the rays. The pendant is ready. 
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Decorate further the necklace
You can use other materials like semi-precious stones, leather, yarn, threads, buttons, etc to make the pendant more stylish.  
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Make a cross pendant. 
Use only two rings to make a simple cross pendant.
cross pendant, diy,

Can you figure out how this colorful, lace-like balls were made?
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