Butterfly pen holder

Make this cute butterfly pen holder to store pencils, pens and markers.
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Materials and tools: 

  • An empty toilet roll.
  • Colored card paper.
  • Scissors.
  • Pencil.
  • Ruler. 
  • Glue.
  • Color markers.
  • A recycled cardboard box.
1. Find a recycled cardboard box.
cardboard box
2. Unfold the cardboard box and with scissors cut out a small rectangle. 
cardboard box

3. Place the toilet roll on the cardboard piece. Draw with ruler and pencil the pen holder's base around the roll. 

4. Cut out the base. 

5. Apply glue at the top edge of the roll. Stick the roll on the base. 

6. Take a piece of colored card paper. The height of the card to be about the size of your palm. 

7. Fold the sheet in half. 

8. Press with you fingers along the crease. 

9. With a pencil draw the half butterfly wing shape as shown in the image below. 

10. Cut with scissors along the line. 

11. Open the card. Both butterfly wings are ready. 
butterfly wings, paper wings

12. Apply glue on the crease and stick the wings on the roll.

13. With a colored marker draw the eyes, mouth and nose of the butterfly. 
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Experiment with the shape and colors of the wings !!

In nature there are many butterfly spieces with different colors and features. Search in the web for butterfly spieces or visit a museum of natural history and focus on the shape and colors of the wings. Experiment with different wing shapes. 
butterfly wings, wing shape, butterfly shapes
 Experiment with the colors and patterns of the wings.
butterffly wings, butterfly shapes
Collage and painting on white card paper. 
butterfly drawing, butterfly painting,
Painting on a white card paper

Make animal pen holders !!
Following the same instructions, you can make a large variety of pen holders with the shape of an animal or a bug, like a bear, an elephant, a bee, etc.
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