Packages for candies and gifts

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Toilet paper roll tubes are ideal for making small boxes to hold small presents, jewelery and gifts. 
Materials and tools:
  • One or more recycled toilet paper rolls. For each box you need one roll.
  • Crepe or tissue paper.
  • Twine, ribbon or knitting yarn.
  • Scissors.
1. Cut a piece of crepe paper, large enough to wrap the roll around.

2. Fill the roll with some candies.

3. Roll the piece of crepe paper around the candy-filled toilet paper roll. 

4. Twist the ends with your hands.

5. Tie both ends with ribbon. 
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Experiment !!
Apart from ribbon, you can experiment with a large variety of materials to tie bows, like knitting yarn, twine, thread, rope, fabric strips etc. 
knitting yarn

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