Spacecraft or Rocket

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A spacecraft is a vehicle designed to fly in outerspace, with of without humans on board. Many scientists believe that space travels will be possible for all humans in the near future. How about making, your own spacecraft miniature?

Materials and tools:

  • Two toilet paper rolls.
  • Duct tape.
  • Scissors.
  • Pencil.
  • Colored paper.
  • A small plate. 
  • Aluminium foil.
1. Place the two cardboard rolls, one above the other. 
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2. Join the rolls together with duct tape. 

3. Place a small plate, upside down, over the colored paper. With a pencil trace the outline of the plate in order to draw a perfect circle. 

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4. Cut with scissors along the line.
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5. Fold the circle in half, open it and cut on the fold line to make two semi-circles.
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6. Cut the one semi-circle in half to make two quadrants.
quadrants, semi circles,

7. Pick the semi-cirlce and fold it with your hands to give the shape of a cone. With glue join the edges together.
paper cone, how to make a paper cone, how to make a cone

8. Apply glue on the top of the two joined roll. Place the paper cone above the rolls and press them to adhere to wach other.

9. Now you must add the side wings of the rocket. Pick the two quadrant pieces and cut a slit in each piece.

10. Cut two slits at the bottom of the rocket, one slit opposite the other.

11. Place the quadrant pieces inside the roll, slit inside slit. 

12. The spacecraft is ready.
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13. You can add details with color markers or wrap the craft with aluminium foil, to make it look more futuristic.
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