Toilet paper roll pillow boxes

Use empty toilet paper rolls to make pretty and eco-friendly gift boxes.
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Υλικά και εργαλεία
  • Recycled toilet paper rolls. For each box you need one roll
  • Twine, yarn or rubber bands.
1. Press the roll to make it flat. 

2. Fold one edge inwards and downwards as shown in the image below.
3. Fold the opposite edge inwards and downwards. 

4. Fill the roll with candies or put inside a small gift.

5. Close both ends of the toilet paper roll by folding the other edges too.

6. Secure the box closed by wrapping around yarn. Tie the yarn ends with a knot.

7. The gift box is ready.

Experiment !!
Think of other materials you could use to keep the gift box closed? Rubber bands, fabric strips, twine....
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