Toilet paper roll maracas- version I

Maracas, sometimes called Rumba shakers, are percussion musical instruments, that originated in Latin America. Players hold them by their hands, usually in pairs and shake them. Traditional maracas consist of hollow balls made from dried gourd shell or coconut shell filled with seeds or dried beans and mounted on a wooden handle. Make your own maracas from recycled toilet paper rolls. 
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Materials and tools: 

  • Toilet rolls (1 per shaker).
  • A few rubber bands.
  • Dried beans, corn, rice, small nails or similar to make the shaking sound.
  • Scissors.
  • Colord heavy paper.
  • Pencil.
  • Colored markers.
1. Set the toilet paper roll on the colored paper. Using a pencil draw a circle around the roll.
draw a circle

2. By removing the cylinder, you'll see a circle with the dimensions of the toilet paper roll. 

3. Draw a larger circle, outside the previous circle. 

4. With scissors cut along the outer circle. 

5. With scissors cut slits from the outer circle to the inner circle. 

6. You must have a paper circle with flaps. 

7. Cap the toilet roll with the paper circle. 

8. Wrap around a rubber band to secure the cap in place. 

9. Turn over the roll and fill it with various seeds. 
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10. Make one more paper circle with flaps.

11. Cap the opposite opening of the toilet paper roll, using a rubber band.

12. Decorate the maraca with color markers. 

To make sound all you need is shake the maraca with rythm. The sound depends on the type and number of seeds. Experiment with several seeds or with small objects line pins, nails, paper clips, to make different sounds.
seeds, rice, corn

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