Fishes are creatures that live in the water. Their bodies have wonderful, shiny colors and shapes.
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Materials and tools

  • Modeling clay
  • Wooden stick or tooth pick

1. Roll out some dough or plasticine to make a flatten sphere, something like a baseball.

2. Take another piece of dough and make with your hands a small heart. This will be the fan tail of the fish.

3. Join the tail with the main body. Press slightly.

4. With a wood stick or a tooth pick shape a simple mouth opening.

5. Add the eyes. You can use ready-made plastic eyes, which you can find in any craft shop or make you own with dough.

6. Roll a thin rope of yellow clay.

7. Decorate the tail with yellow clay.
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8. Shape with yellow clay the lips.

The fish is ready but it feels lonely. So please make one more fish.

9. Take a piece of clay and model with your hand a flatten sphere (a disc) and a tail.

10. Join the body and the tail together.

11. Add the eyes and some decoration to make a unique polka dot fish.

Of course you can make more fishes and experiment with the shape of ther bodies. Remember practice makes perfect- so persevere and you will be rewarded.
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