Gift box with cap

Make a small box for storing small items, jewelry or a gift.

Materials and tools

  • Wood sticks (40 to 80 sticks)
  • Craft glue

1. Line up seven Popsicle sticks, side by side on your work surface.

2. Pick one more stick and apply glue across its surface.

3. Glue the stick across the top of the sticks, to hold them in place.

4. Glue another stick across the bottom.

5. You have finished the base of the box.

6. Lets "build" the sides of the box. Apply glue to points (1) and (2) and glue a stick in place.

7. Apply glue to points (3) and (4) and glue a stick in place.

8. Glue another set of sticks perpendicular to the first set of sticks.

9. Build up the sides in the same manner, gluing a set of sticks, one opposite the other, perpendicular to the previous set of sticks. You can go as heigh as you like.

10. Lets make the cup. Place two sticks (painted yellow), inside the previous sticks, as shown in the image. Do not glue those two sticks, just place them in the opening. 

11. Apply glue across the sticks.

 12. Glue several sticks, perpendicular to the previous sticks, until you close the opening.

13. Let the cap dry. Pull the cap to open the box.

The box is ready.

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