Dollhouse Furniture: Chairs

Make your own dollhouse furniture collection using toilet paper rolls and colored paper. Start with the chair. 
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Materials and tools 
  • For a chair you'll need two toilet paper rolls. However with three rolls you can make two chairs. 
  • Glue.
  • Scissors.
  • Colored paper.
1. With scissors cut a toilet paper roll in half to make two shorter rolls. 
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 2. Pick one of the two rolls and glue it onto a piece of hard colored paper. You can keep the other roll to make a second chair. 

3. Let it dry. With scissors cut the colored paper along the roll.

4. Turn it upside down. You've just made a stool.

5. Let's make the back of the chair. Pick one more toilet paper roll and cut it lengthwise in half, from top to bottom. 

6. Pick one of the two pieces and keep the other piece to make the second chair. With scissors curve the corners to make it look like a chair's back. 

7. Glue the chair's back and the stool together. 

8. Let it dry. The dollhouse chair is ready. 
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