Dollhouse furniture: Bed

The bed is a basic piece of furniture in doll houses. Recycle toilet paper rolls and cardboard paper to make DIY paper beds.
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Materials and tools:

  • Two recycled toilet paper rolls.
  • Cardboard paper. 
  • Scissors.
  • Liquid glue.
  • Watercolors.
1) Cut a toilet paper roll in half, to make two lower tubes.

2. Cut the new tubes in half to make four rings. 

3. Cut a rectangular piece of cardboard paper. The size of the rectangle depends on the size of your dolls. Measure your dolls to make sure the bed will fit them. Glue the four toilet paper rings on the four corners of the cardboard paper. 

4. Lets make the pillow. Cut a toilet paper roll in half, lengthwise. You'll make two semi-tubes. 
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5. Pick one of the two semi-tubes and glue it on the bed. 

6. The bed is ready. Remember that the length of the bed depends on the length of the dolls. You can also paint with watercolors parts of the furniture. 

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