Stacking toilet paper rolls game

Building blocks are a popular toy for children and one of the earliest educational toys that parents buy for their kids. Children, before they are even ready to write and distinguish letters and numbers, they are able to play with shapes and colors. 
Use toilet paper rolls and colored paper to make a set of building blocks. Stacking paper rolls, one on top of the other, is a wonderful way to have fun and develop important motor skills like eye-hand coordination and balance. Remember also, that kids are naturally attached to the bright colors, so make sure to select bright color papers. 
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Materials and tools:
  • At least 8 paper rolls. The more the better. 
  • Heavy colored paper.
  • Scissors.
  • Pencil.
  • A small size plate.

1. Set the plate, upside down, on the colored paper. With a pencil draw the outline of the plate. 

2. With scissors cut along the circle.

3. Cut enough paper circles in various colors.

Now look what you can do with all these paper rolls and paper circles. You can arrange them in various ways making towers, pyramids, walls, etc. The possibilities are endless.
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toilet paper rolls, crafts, paper roll

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