Non-baked Modeling Clay Rose

Modeling clay, such as play doh or dough, is a versatile, cheap material suitable for endless experimentations. See how you can make a romantic rose with plasticine.
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Materials & tools 
  • Modeling clay (plasticine, play doh, dough, etc).
  • A thick marker pen to use it as a rolling pin or other similar utensil.
  • A toothpick.
Watch the video or follow the instructions below:

1. Use the marker pen as rolling pin to shape and flatten a small piece of modeling clay. 
rolling pin

2. Use the toothpick to cut a small rectangle out of the flatten plasticine. 

3. Roll with your fingers the rectangle to shape the heart of the flower. 

4. Using the rolling pin flatten another piece of plasticine. Cut using the toothpick the first petal. Place the petal around the heart of the flower. Press gently the bottom of the petal to join it to the heart. 

5. Cut one more petal and wrap the flower. Press the bottom to join the petal to the flower. 

6. Continue in this manner. As the flower grows bigger you need to cut larger petals. 

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