Play-dough woman in blue

Modeling clay is ideal for creating 3d characters, men, women, kids, comic heroes and much more. Lets make the figure of a lady. Working with clay is really enjoying, relaxing and a wonderful medium to understand the world. As the kid progresses from simple models to more complex project he will become hooked.
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Materials and tools
  • Modeling clay (play-doh, plasticine, etc)
  • Toothpick
Watch the video or follow the step by step instructions. 

1. Make with your hands a small sphere for the head and a tall cone for the body and the dress.
2. Join the pieces together. 
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3. Add face details. Use a toothpick or other pointed tool, to shape the eyes and the mouth. Make a tiny sphere to add the nose.

4. Form with your hands two more spheres. Join them with the body to add the feet. 
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5. Make two cylinders and join them with the body to shape the hands.

6. A figure without hair seems really odd. So don't forget to add hair and maybe a large braid. 
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7. You can add more details, such as a hat, a hand bag, some buttons, pockets, anything that will make your lady look unique. 
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